Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a very effective way to gain space.  Many lots have grade variations.  By installing retaining walls, depending on height, one can add more space and level space to their property.  We have built cast-in-place concrete walls and (cmu) block walls.  We offer engineered structural walls as well as common walls, terrace walls, garden walls, and basement walls.  I began as a foundation/basement contractor over thirty years ago.  I continue to seek out foundation forming as a primary interest of mine.

One of California’s best excavating contractors, we own a Bobcat T250 with a loader bucket, backhoe, forklift, and auger attachment that can complete almost any job.  We can grade a lot, level a field, and demo a house. 

With our backhoe attachment we have installed many underground utilities, excavated
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Retaining Walls and More Excavating Contractor Services

for footings, and replaced sewer lines.  We use our forklift attachment for lumber, concrete forms, and block.  We have used our auger attachment for light pole standards, shoring, and fencing.  What’s nice about the T250 is that it has rubber tracts and can climb a 1:1 slope with a bucket full of dirt or glide across a turf barely leaving a footprint. We are safe on sidewalks with less than five pounds per square inch of pressure, yet we have the ability to load ten wheel dump trucks.

Underground Utilities
We install underground electrical service and plumbing to residential and commercial properties.  Between 2007 and 2010 we installed over 80 underground electrical service connections in Manhattan Beach, California.

Tenant Improvement
We are well experienced in TI work.  We have made major improvements to storefronts.  For example, at the Safeway in Lake Havasu City, Arizona we installed glass block with panels of fluted split face block at the main entrance.  We have remodeled Comp USA bathrooms at several locations—these included a complete tear out and replacement.  We have made repairs to z gallery, fossils, and others. We have built a pizza kitchen, yogurt shop, subs, and others from start to finish in strip malls.

Hillside Repair/Erosion Control
The hillsides of Los Angeles are in motion.  We can slow it down, divert it, or protect it.  After a complete soils report and soils engineering we have cleared hillsides down to bedrock, installed shoring bolts, and structural concrete.  Then we install a v ditch around the perimeter of the site that will channel water away from your hillside, usually to the street or manmade rip rap.

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